Boat Lift Leisure Boat Lift - $3750 in Kelowna, British Columbia for sale


For Sale:
- Leisure Boat Lift (LBL) manufactured in Vernon, BC by DNR Specialty Welding Ltd.
- This is a Standard LBL Manual Lift that will hold 3000 lbs
- It is a free standing lift design that does not attach to the dock
- Brand New ones are listed on for $8300
- We had our WakeSetter TowBoat on it for 8 years.
- Gotta say I was extremely impressed on how excellently it held up to all the storms and high waves we've had on Okanagan Lake. About 7 years ago when so many docks were wiped out on Okanagan Lake (and all the big oak trees where literally blown over in Kelowna's City Park)... well there was our WakeSetter TowBoat sitting up out of the lake on our free standing lift... all by itself because the dock had been blown away. If we didn't have the Leisure Boat Lift, we would have definitely lost the boat like so many other boat owners did.
- We pulled it out of the water a month ago because our area had all the docks removed by the City.
- It needs to be cleaned up a bit, and needs a new winch. I think a winch will cost you a couple hundred bucks.
- Leisure Boat Lift states on their website that these lifts should be good for 50 years! So you should get another 25 years at least out of it.

- Leisure Boat Lift is free standing & self-supporting in the lake bottom for us in fresh water. It is perfect for every day use (drive on, drive off, any time.) No need to tie up / anchor the boat. Hoist it up day or night, spring or fall. Winter storage is perfectly fine with Leisure Boat Lifts, providing you winterize your boat. Leisure Boat Lift is similar to a fork lift and does not attach to your dock for support.
- Its carpeted bunks align under the boat and catch it, creating a 'holster' effect. The lift height gives you safe storage no matter how much normal lake levels rise or fall. Driving onto the lift is easier than navigating onto your boat trailer, without getting wet! The lift mechanism is a chain hoist. Turning the 29" crank wheel is quite easy, at less than 20 ft. lbs. of rolling torque. This means that anyone can help you lift your boat to safety.
- LBL is great for cleaning and maintaining your boat conveniently next to your dock.
- Maintaining your boat at deck height is a pleasure. You won't be interrupted by waves or low lake level access when sprucing up the cutty or helm. LBL will stand the test of time.

Leisure Boat Lift has over 6 ft and 1 inches of lift and leg adjustments of over 4 feet. this allows for an 11 foot measurement from the lake bottom to the top of the dock. adjustment range like this offers a comfortable height to the crank wheel and a good position for the electric drive conversion.

LBL has a foot print of roughly 200 square feet on the lake bottom. in shallow locations the base or pedestal is established right into the mud or sand. some installations are in mud, silt, sand or on rock; even with less than 6 feet from the top of the dock to the lake bottom. LBL needs only 6 inches of water plus the depth of water your boat floats in.

LBL is virtually deterioration free with only 4 grease points needing attention twice per season. bolt-on kits are optional and can be installed to accommodate swing keel sail boats, tournament ski boats, tunnel hull boats, and patio boats. the lift can be set beside floating docks and is positioned in the best way for it to operate all year round as effectively as possible. leisure boat lift is very safe to be around and safe for anyone to operate. it is designed with rounded and carpeted corners and edges. add these features with long life and low depreciation. 50 years is not out of the question!

LBL lends to bad weather landing, because the cradle section is not latterly attached. it is almost impossible to damage the boat or the lift, and it's nice to have the main white tower as a landing beacon so you can easily navigate your boat to safe storage. When rough water operation is unlikely for most other boat lifts, Leisure Boat Lift provides a no guess landing and safe stop. Once the bow of the boat is near the center, the boat will follow through the bunks until the leg bumps on the stop, adjusted from the stern section of the cradle.

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